Our tuition rates are as follows: There is a $5/week discount if you sign up for ACH autopay via Brightwheel! (Full Time Only)

Full-Time Care:


Infants: $220/week/52 weeks/year (Anything over 50 hours/week is $7.65/hour)


Toddlers: $200/week/52 weeks/year (Anything over 50 hours/week is $6.65/hour)


Preschoolers: $190/week/52 weeks/year (Anything over 50 hours/week is $5.65/hour)


School Age: $4.65/hour 



Part-Time Care:

Infants: $7.65/Hour

Toddlers: $6.65/Hour 

Preschoolers: $5.65/Hour

School Age: $4.65/Hour


(Minimum hours/wk may be required for part-time care, all children must have a written schedule and will be charged to that schedule.)


We specialize in crazy schedules, so we are willing to work with all our families to provide the care they need.